Use your computing power to do good.
Mining for Charity
Attention: This project has been abandoned due to high maintenance costs and lack of active developers. If you like the project, have great coding skills and think you can help us out then drop us an email at!
What is Mining for Charity?
Mining for charity is a project that aims to raise funds for charitable causes by mining bitcoins collectively. It was founded by the German association for youth protection, as a unique and new way of fund raising. This project can be considered an experiment, we don’t know how well it will go and how many bitcoins and funds we can raise.

Everyone can participate, either through donating their computing power to mine bitcoins, through donating bitcoins directly or, traditionally, through donating money.

For every 10 bitcoins you help us mine, we will donate 9 bitcoins to charity and return 1 bitcoin to you as a “Thank you!”

No bitcoins generated and no money made will be used for personal profits on our behalf.
What are bitcoins?
Bitcoins are a digital currency. They are secure, not limited to countries or borders and thus truly global. The bitcoin system does not discriminate its users on citizenship or location. Bitcoins are non-manipulatable, non-confiscatable and stable in supply.

The bitcoin system doesn’t need banks and allows immediate transactions between individuals. Those transfers are secure and ensure total anonymity, but also total transpareny at the same time. Several websites provide information of all transactions and the balance of all bitcoins.

One bitcoin has currently a value of about 100 US Dollars, however the exchange rate varies rapidly over time. (Updated June 2013)

You can find more information here:
How can I contribute, how does this Mining work?
Because of the way bitcoins work there is a maximum number of possible existing bitcoins. This number is 21 million, of which 8 million have been generated already by people all over the world. It takes a lot of computing power to find further bitcoins, with increasing difficulty.

The creation of new bitcoins is called Mining. There are a lot of programs that mine for bitcoins, but on a normal computer it takes weeks, sometimes months until a single bitcoin is generated. That’s why a lot of people have formed groups that combine their computing power to generate bitcoins together. This is what we do, too.

You don’t need any technical experience or previous knowledge to contribute to our cause. When you sign up, you can download our CharityMiner, a program that will run on your computer and use your computing power to help us mine bitcoins.
What charities will benefit? Do I have a say here, too?
We believe in supporting and helping the youth. Young people are our future and we want to make sure, that our future does great!

We divide the bitcoins and money we make into three budgets:
  • One third will always go to the youth organization Juvente. -> Visit for information about Juvente.
  • One third will always go into sustaining our youth related projects. -> Visit our website for information about us and our projects.
  • One third is up to you!*
*You can select your favorite from a list of charities. If your favorite charity isn’t there, you can add it!

So for every 10 bitcoins you help generate, 3 go to Juvente, 3 go to our projects, 3 go to a charity of your choice and 1 goes to you.
Sounds awesome. How can I start?
It’s really easy:

1. You register for an account with a username and a password of your choice. No email or personal data is required.

2. You download our CharityMiner.

3. You install CharityMiner. When you first start it, you enter your username and password. CharityMiner will immediately start mining.